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Our fully integrated Cryo-EM platform combines biochemical processes, high-end data acquisition hardware, and next-gen proprietary computational software to deliver detailed, high-resolution 3D models with excellent quality and fast turnaround times.
Fully industrial cryo-EM technology
High-resolution 3D structural models
Highly automated & quality controlled workflows
Fast turnaround times

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Unlock the fundamentals of your protein. We tackle targets that are difficult to crystalize – including large assemblies or membrane proteins.

3D Structure Determination

We provide control over the cryo-EM 3D structure determination process. With our cutting-edge cryo-EM facility, computational resources, and 50+ years of collective expertise, we optimize and de-risk project budget. Our unique biochemical sample optimization assays enhance project success rates.
Cryo-EM Services

Adeno Associated Viral Vector Characterisation

Cryo-EM revolutionizes AAV characterization in gene therapy R&D, offering precise analysis of critical quality attributes. It enables unparalleled identification of full, empty, and intermediate AAV particles across various serotypes, enhancing quality assurance and therapeutic efficacy.
Cryo-EM Services

Epitope Mapping

Benefit from our unique, high-throughput cryo-EM platform, and discern challenging epitopes in 3D. With the possibilities of cryo-EM, you can screen several FAB/mAbs in complex with your target to visualize conformations, contacting residues, and binding locations.
Cryo-EM Services

Lipid-Nano-Particle Characterization

Our AI-powered solutions offer unprecedented quantitative data into the morphology of lipid nanoparticles. Cryo-EM offers observable results, something impossible with indirect methods like Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). This combination enables robust formulation and forced degradation studies.
Cryo-EM Services

Explore our cryo-EM applications for drug discovery and analytics

Cryo-EM: One method — a myriad of solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Have a look at how our cryo-EM technology can help aid your drug discovery or development projects


3D Structure Determination: From protein & ligand to 3D Structure in a single fully integrated commercial facility.
Extensive Experience: Leverage over 50 years of combined cryo-EM expertise.
Comprehensive Capabilities: Take advantage of our broad range of biochemical services to increase the success of your structure determination project.


GMP Facility: Offering the analysis of your samples in our GMP certified facility. 
Proprietary Software: We transform simple (cryo-) EM image data with our (AI) Software into fully quantitative insights.
Streamlined Processes: With an integrated platform & software we offer rapid turnaround times for your samples.

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Dr. Karl Bertram
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