We are scientists.

Studying the blueprints of nature.

Uncovering hidden dynamics.

Investigate where common methods fail.

With the ultimate goal of revolutionizing industrial cryo-EM.

ATEM dawned into existence by Dr. Karl Bertram and Daniel Winkler when they realized their diverse set of skills complemented each other. With Karl’s cryo-EM expertise and Daniel’s business savvy, they built the foundations of ATEM.
And here we are today

ATEM is an innovation leader in the Tech-Bio field and is rooted in the scientific foundations of software-enabled cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). Founded by a team of interdisciplinary experts, we strive to revolutionize computer-aided drug discovery (CAAD) by accessing 3D structural dynamics through our software-enabled Platform.

Today, we operate and expand our cryo-EM platform for tailored pharmaceutical applications. Our portfolio includes innovative solutions for key applications in the pharmaceutical industry that are poorly addressed by the commonly available methods of today.

We are a growing a team of passionate innovators, unafraid to dive into experimental science and invent new ways to refine old techniques. Our experience melds together into one common goal—To Accelerate Your Drug Design by delivering the best cryo-EM solutions for challenging applications.

In our journey
we defined who we are


We show courage by embracing change and not being afraid to make bold decisions, even in the face of uncertainty or failure. Being courageous is what allows us to be an innovator and constantly develop.


We build trust with our employees, business partners, and everyone we interact with by being honest and professional in every interaction and following through on our word.


We empower each other to take ownership of our actions, words, and results. We embrace our successes and own our mistakes, correcting them quickly by finding solutions rather than identifying problems.


We deliver results consistently and in time, no matter the situation, holding ourselves to high-quality standards. We stick to our core values and beliefs even in difficult times.


We value our employees equally, listen to their ideas and concerns with dignity and professionalism. Opinions may differ, and that’s often an opportunity to cultivate ideas and problem solving.