3D Structure Determination

We simplify industrial cryo-EM 3D Structure determination for challenging targets

Streamlined 3D Structure Determination through an integrated process

Comprehensive Cryo-EM Services for Protein Structure

Our state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) service offers a seamless, fully integrated workflow for protein 3D structure determination, combining advanced wet lab techniques with high-performance computing infrastructure. Operating from a unified, fully commercial facility, we ensure efficient and thorough processing of samples through a meticulously designed three-phase process.

Phase 1: Pilot Study The process  begins with a pilot study to assess the feasibility of target proteins, aiming to resolve 2D particle classes from a smaller cryo-EM dataset. This initial phase is crucial for laying the groundwork for more detailed structure analysis and aligning on the ideal strategy for achieving a 3D structure.

Phase 2: Optimization After a successful pilot study, we proceed to the optimization phase, focusing on cryo-grid refinement to enhance particle concentration, orientation, and other critical parameters. Our methods includes size exclusion chromatography, gradient density ultracentrifugation, membrane protein reconstitution complemented by additional cryo-EM screenings to fine-tune conditions for optimal data acquisition.

Phase 3: 3D Structure Determination The final phase is dedicated to the comprehensive determination of 3D structure. With data collected from optimized grids, we conduct extensive 2D and 3D classifications of particles, culminating in the reconstruction of a detailed 3D density map. Where necessary, additional modeling is performed by our experts.

Project Management and Timelines Each project begins with a meeting to outline objectives, timelines, and key stakeholders. Regular, specific alignment meetings ensure all parties are kept informed of progress and intermediate results. Timelines are tailored to each project, with the pilot study phase lasting 2-3 weeks, sample optimization approximately 2 weeks per iteration, and the 3D structure determination phase, depending on the target’s complexity, taking between 4 to 8 weeks.
Our integrated approach, from lab to computational analysis, guarantees precise, high-quality results for our clients, pushing the boundaries of structural biology research.

Native preparation without the need for crystalazation of the complex
Applicable for a wide range of molecular size from 60 kDa proteins to several 100 kDa complexes
Cryo-EM 3D Structure Determination Specialized Biochemical Sample Optimization Fully Commercial Biochemical & Cryo-EM Facility Streamlined Workflow to Continuously De-risk Budgets Comprehensive Cryo-EM Services for Protein Structure
Applications Computational drug design Lead candidate optimisation Mode of action (MoA) studies Rational drug design

Unlock structural insights into your small molecule ligand complex

High-resolution 3D Structure determination

Enabling computational drug design

Pilot study

Quality control of key sample characteristics such as monodispercity, aggregation status, structural integrity and purity. Defining next steps.

Optional biochemical sample optimization

If needed we optimize critical sample characteristics or provide membrane protein reconstitution to ensure success in 3D structure determination.

High-resolution 3D Structure determination

From sample to final structure we cover the full process of 3D Structure determination within our facility.

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You will receive a technical scientific report, high-resolution 3D density map, 3D atomic PDB model and a consultation with our experts to discuss your results

Sample requirements

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Note: Lower concentrations require Biochemical optimization to increase concentration

We prepare everything else. We receive your sample, then optimise and test it before returning the data in a personalised way to meet your needs.

Sample amounts
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Turnaround times
Pilot study 10 to 20 business days. Final 3D structure 20 to 40 business days.
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