3D Structure

Single particle CRYO-EM for 3d determination

Structural determination has never been more straightforward. Save time by understanding your target and what makes it unique.

Cryo-EM of membrane proteins and other complex protein targets

Membrane proteins can be tough targets to express and purify, often ending up with low yields. Structural investigation of these proteins is important, as they are often essential drug targets. Cryo-EM has overtaken x-ray crystallization in structurally discerning important drug targets such as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR). Since successful cryo-EM data collection requires smaller sample amounts than crystallization, it becomes an outstanding method for studying the function of low-expressing membrane proteins.

Ligand screening services

Ligand screening is time-consuming and often ends with multiple hits. Our cryo services let you investigate the most promising ligands with cryo-EM. We offer unique insight into ligand-binding proteins with our high-throughput platform that screens multiple ligands. Explore contacting residues and structural conformations to optimize your drug design and workflow.

Computational screening

The benefit of high-resolution structures doesn’t stop after the first analysis. Computational solutions allow the screening of extensive compound libraries (pre-existing or novel), finding the optimal drug target rapidly. Save time by narrowing down candidates from thousands to a handful.

See nature in motion

Novel insights into complex mechanisms with high-resolution 3D-cryo-EM structures
We leverage our cryo-EM platform technology to bring quality, high-resolution structures from state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Solved by our ATEM cryo-EM platform: The human PRMT5:MEP50 holoenzyme in complex with its natural cofactor S-Adenosyl methionine (SAM).

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Our case study presents the highest resolution structure (to date) of the human PRMT5:MEP50 complex, together with its natural cofactor SAM. We rely on polishing samples and carefully optimizing freezing conditions to always achieve the highest quality.

Download our case study for more information on how we work to assure the highest standards possible.

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Sample requirements

We prepare everything else! We receive your sample – optimize and test it, before returning the data in a personalized way that suits you.

Sample amounts

Get first insight into detailed parameters with sample amounts of only 30-50 μl (>0.5 mg/ml)

Turnaround times

Get first results within 2 to 4 weeks.


Receive a 3D structure together with a ready-to-use PDB file, including an extensive report.